Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Mom, I am a big kid"

My boy is growing up fast.
It's blowing away my mind.
And he loves to remind me of the fact he is growing up.
He has started a new trend of walking around and randomly saying to me and anyone near by,
"I am a big kid"
He is proud of how much he is growing up.

At 27 months, he acts like a 3-4 year old regularly! Still, most people are shocked when I tell them how old he is because he acts much older. Here are some things about him I don't want to forget:

--He is talking up a storm and uses long sentences of words in the right/appropriate ways. My favorite is when he uses actually, because etc. in correct ways. It makes me giggle because he is such a little boy and sounds like an adult. When I ask him about something he will say "because I had to mom". or if I say thing he will say "actually..." My favorite thing he said like this was when I was telling him he can't eat his toothpaste because it might hurt his tummy. He looked at me with a matter-of-fact face and said "Actually mom, toothpaste makes my tummy happy!" I always laugh a little when I realize that my 2-year-old is debating with me already about things he should be able to do. Silly boy. 
--He is also so polite. He says "please", "thank you", "no thanks" when he doesn't want something, "your welcome" and "ok" when I want him to do something
--He can say almost any word he hears. He has THE BIGGEST vocabulary and regularly uses 5-6 word sentences. 
--When he is caught doing something he shouldn't and worried he will get in trouble, he shushes me with a very guilty face. And when I put him in time-out for doing something I told him not too, he always says SO sweetly "I happy now Mom!!". Sure makes it hard to stick to punishments when he is so sweet :)
--When he says "look at me" it sounds like "yucky me". And when he says "swimming" it sounds like "women" and "fishing" sounds like "wishin". Sometimes I giggle when I have him say fishing for swimming, because it sounds like "wishin' for women"...hehe :)
--He LOVES to make concoctions or as he says, "make dinner time". He brings a chair over to the counter and I give him utensils, bowls and flour, salt, rice and anything that is cheap and not harmful and he mixes and dumps for hours. And he loves to play at the sink with the water running a little, pouring water back and forth and filling containers up.
--He also LOVES using food coloring. If we need him to stay in one place (which sometimes is just to eat...this kid is so active), we bring out the food coloring and water and he will sit totally still mixing and watching the colors combine. 
--He can count up to 15 and can almost say the ABC's. It is so fun to hear him count.
--Ever since before he turned 2, he sleeps completely through the night. Sometimes he wakes up for water and goes right back to sleep. He takes 1 two-three hour nap during the day.
--He is now sleeping in a toddler bed!! I was terrified to make the switch from a crib to a toddler bed. But one day he learned to climb out of his bed and I decided it was time. So we switched and he still sleep through the night and takes naps! I was so proud of him for being so resilient. Some days he takes a little to fall asleep because he comes to the door and either says "Hello? Anyone in there?" or "Mom, I am talking!!" Even with Brielle in his room, who wakes up once for milk during the night, he sleeps through her crying for a long time. Both kids are SUPER SUPER deep sleepers, which is so nice.
--He loves Elmo's world, Curious George, Shawn the Sheep, Cars (which he hasn't watched, except little clips on youtube)
--Whenever I do something he is excited about, he says "Thank you Mom!!! I am soooo proud of you!! Good job! So proud of you!"
--He loves to help me clean by "vacuuming", "sweeping", "washing windows" etc. (of course, he doesn't do anything, but he loves to think he is haha)
--He loves to read books with us and it's his favorite part of his routine
--He also loves any kind of sport that has to do with balls. Soccer, basketball, football, you name it. He has a really good arm and can throw far and is starting to catch well.
--He loves to drink milk and any veggie (so thankful for that), fruit, pasta, cheese, fruit snacks...ok anything sugary. He is like his mama.
--He is such a happy boy. He is always smiling, playing and running. He is also so INCREDIBLY active. 
--He has a fiery personality (also from his mama). He is really good at standing up for himself when kids bully/pick on him, and also is stubborn when he wants to do things. Sometimes that can be hard...but I am so glad he has those qualities because he will NOT be a doormat. Which is nice.
He was "cooking" aka: making concoctions with flour before this picture was taken

All of his concoctions...he was making us "dinner time"

There is a lot more I could say about my wonderful boy. I adore him more than words can say. While some days can he harder than others because he is a 2-year-old learning about his independence and boundaries, but most days he is a complete joy and makes me smile constantly by the funny things he says and does (I really need to write down some of the funny things he does and says). He is a remarkably good boy and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boy and 2-year-old. The past 2 years have been the most wonderful of my life because of him and his sister, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being their mommy. I can't wait for the rest of my lifetime I will spend being their mommy. They bring me unparalleled amount of joy.

Have I ever said before I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mommy? :)

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