Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As soon as it dies

Of course, as soon as my cameras battery dies, there are so many darling "kodiak" moments I wish I could have captured. But I have been so busy playing with my special family during this long weekend, I didn't have time to charge my cameras battery. So I missed capturing...
--The kids wrestling and playing with Richard when he came home from school Friday.
--Liam spending time with his precious "Gramma Jane" (my mother-in-law came to visit this weekend).
--Liam's face of utter sheer delight and happiness while he played with her toy parrot she brought.
--Brielle squeaking and squealing in attempts to communicate with said bird. 
--How cute Liam was when he climbed into my bed Sunday morning while I was still asleep (gramma jane got up with the kids every morning she was here to let us sleep in...bless her heart) and whispered "I miss you mommy. I love you mommy" over and over again while he cuddled with me.
--Brielle's super funny side mohawk she had after her nap on Sunday before church
--Liam getting yet another haircut on Sunday and a picture of him with his haircut that makes him look like a boy and not a toddler (as you can tell in all the pictures here, it was high time he was sheered again).
--Richard and Liam flying around the house pretending to be dragons after we had a family movie night on Monday where Liam watched "How To Train Your Dragon" for the first time (yes, I am the mom who skipped through all the scary parts).
--Liam in his tiger costume he found yesterday while we were organizing our storage and starting to pack (crazy) which he didn't take off all night, until I finally convinced him to sleep without it.
--A crazy before and after picture of how much more organized our storage is and how much stuff we got rid of.
--Richard and I before the movie started on our date last night (we watched Hunger Games and I am so much more weak since becoming a mom. While I really liked it, that movie also really traumatized me! Ok not literally, but I was tense the whole time!)
--When the kids both wanted to be put in Brielles bed this morning and then proceeded to roll around together squealing (literally) in delight and laughing so hard while they pressed their faces into the mesh on her pack-and-play, which scrunched their faces in hilarious ways.
--How wonderfully happy and content Brielle is playing out in the sunlight on our back patio
--A picture of Brielle's 3rd tooth and the 2 that are just about to cut through (aka: the reason my very good baby was whinny this weekend)

...on that subject, I am going to go charge it right now so I don't miss more little sweet, wonderful moments of our lives. 
Brielle doing her freakishly adorable scrunchy face smile the day before the battery died


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