Monday, March 12, 2012

(Day: failed) Dang. I am part of the masses.

I failed.
Apparently, the majority of New Years resolutions are broken by February 14th. I was determined to not break my resoluation to take a picture a day and write about it, then post. But I failed. In my defense, I lasted almost 3 weeks past that date, but then life got crazy busy and I stopped. Richard went on an interview to Ohio for 4 days, took the camera card with him and I got out of the habit. Since then, getting back into the habit of taking a picture a day and the posting about it, has been hard. 
That and I have just not been in the mood to post. Seriously?!?! Here is why. Richard and I are trying to decide where we want to spend the next 4 years of our lives. We have 4 very good options that we are constantly thinking, talking about, creating spread sheets about and weighing out and so my whole day when I am not taking card of the kids, is spent sitting at the computer, looking up apartments/houses, researching the different areas, schools, and everything about these places. So when the kids go to bed, I have had enough computer time and blogging just sounds like drudgery. 
So I took a break. 
I didn't want one of my hobbies to become drudgery so I let my goal go for over a week. But, I am hoping that I will get back in the habit. Because I will be honest, I am already so grateful for this resolution. I have looked back on posts I wrote about what happened on our ordinary days, and I am so glad I did. I have already forgotten those little but special moments and it brings back such sweet memories
So, I want to refocus my goal. 
I don't want to become one of the masses that fails at their resolution 2 months in. 
This week will be hard. Richard is leaving for his last interview (PRAISES!!) for 3 days at the end of this week, but I want to try and keep it up. Bare with me though, cause it might be rough. O and bare through this "catch-up" post, because that might be rough too ;) 
(Day 66)
She LOVES playing with plastic or anything "crunchy" sounding
She laid on the floor and watched a fly on the sliding glass door forever. She was completely mesmerized by it and just stared with a very serious face at it, until I distracted her by taking pictures.  

 The same day, as I was cleaning the house, it was too quiet. You think I would have learned my lesson.
This is what I found when I went to see what Liam was doing: 
Once I saw his hair, it all clicked
He had been saying "hair, baby" over and over again and I just blew it off. But then it dawned on me why he had been saying that. He calls gel "hair bubbles" (cause there are bubbles in the gel) and so we mention that everytime we put it on his hair. So as he was putting the A&D ointment in his hair, he was saying "hair, baby". Little stinker. It took 5 shampoos and several days to come completely out. And it smelled so strong even after being washed, I got a headache while I was holding him during his bedtime routine :/ 
He has this thing about putting stuff in his hair lately! They day before this, I found him putting foot lotion in his hair the same way! Silly boy...

Day 67
Holding the little-pink-riding-hood beauty after her nap
It has started happening.
The kiddos are playing together, so well.
They are so cute and just in the past couple days, they have started to play and interact so much more than they ever have. I can already see the beginning of a life long friendship starting. It's so cute to watch! Brielle does this super cute high pitch squeal coupled with a huge smile and flalleling appendages whenever she sees him and he gets all giddy and has to hug her.

Day 70
The kids playing after baths and before getting ready to go to church. 
I love their cute little diaper bums
and huge smiles.
That moment
watching them play, roll around, squeal, and love on each other in the sunlight made my heart swell.
Those are the wonderful, timeless, meaningful moments I live for.

Today: Monday
Day 71

Liam woke up from his nap on the cranky side and sat in his crib like this for about 15 minutes...

So to bribe him up and cheer him up I gave him a couple chocolate chips (or "choco" as he calls it) 
That did the trick.
mmm...choco droll
My smiley, happy boy is back.

Well there ya go. 
All caught up.
Glad I did that. Even though I should have probably spent nap time preparing the weekly menu list, cleaning the house or planning our future. O well.


  1. McKenna, you are the BEST mama! It is fun to see your beautiful babies, they are so happy and healthy and perfect! We just get cheered up looking at your pictures. Beautiful eyes! Beautiful lips! Beautiful smiles! We are very proud of how well you are doing! Love, the Gilliams

  2. Loves these McKenna! You are such a talented photographer!! Some of those pictures of Brielle's different faces looked quite a bit like some of Richard's faces! Who knew Richard made such a beautiful baby girl!! Thanks for posting.


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