Wednesday, March 21, 2012

(Day 80) Not much to say.

It's 10:50.
The kids are in bed, the house is clean, Richard is still on campus studying where he has been all day except 1 hour at dinner (welcome to my week), and it's quiet. Too quiet. So I have my fav soundtrack from the movie "Amelie" playing and a neglected blog to update. Not much to say, but I wanted to write, even though I am not sure what about.

This week...hmmmm... It's been interesting. Good because I have gotten a lot done, the kids have been great (except some teething going on...more on that later), the kids have slept well, I have been able to spend time with my awesome sis, 2 of my good friends are about to have babies and the thought of 2 babies fresh from heaven coming into awesome families, makes me happy etc. Bad because Richard has been pulling 12+ hour days this whole week getting caught up (he has missed a month of school with all his interviews) before his finals, I have been on my own with the kids and miss him so bad and the weather has been messing with me (lets just say I am ready for constant sunshine...)
Really not much exciting or noteworthy, but I will say I can't wait for this week to be over! Richard has a big test on Saturday and once that is finished, we have a date planned (!!!!!!) and a fun Crepe party we are throwing on Sunday (anyone in the area is invited!! Facebook/text me for details)
I have had a lot of thoughts the past couple days about: 
--the kids growing up too dang fast (Brielle is ::this:: close to crawling and cut her first tooth the other day...where did my baby go?! And Liam...don't get me started on how fast he is growing up! Where did my babIES go?!)
--how excited yet simultaneously sad I am to move out of ID (CANNOT wait for nice weather and a bigger apartment, but wish I could bring our friends with us!)
--wanting to eradicate some of my gosh-dang annoying weaknesses (Don't get me started on this...I sense a future post brewing)
--wanting to get more organized (mmm...have I ever mentioned I love organization? nerd alert)
--how dang excited I am to do some serious spring cleaning/moving prep during on Spring break (my OCD side is a little too excited for this plan in our future)
--how excited I am to see my bro in a couple weeks (he is coming home from his 2-year mission for our church)
--how I really want to step up my spirituality (too embarrassed to say more than that.)
...I have been thinking a lot lately about those and other random things. But that is what happens when you are around toddlers all day and only see your significant other/other adults for a very limited time.

Okay I was very wrong. apparently, I have much more to say than I thought.
Only pic I took today...they were being so cute playing this morning.
This pic didn't even remotely capture the cuteness.

It's 11:13, and it's still too quiet. 

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