Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(Day 72) Our special time

Most days, I dont get to spend quite as much time with Brielle one-on-one as I would like. Sad, but it's the reality of having 2 kids close together. I like to make myself feel better by telling myself it's better that she have a sibling because they will be friends and a support to each other long after I am gone. 

But, once Liam goes to bed, we get out special time together. I love it. We usually play until she starts whining because she is tired, I change her diaper and then start the bedtime process which includes a bottle of some pumped breast-milk (I like to know she is getting at least a certain amount of milk before bed), nursing if she is still hungry and off to bed. My favorite part of it is when she has fallen asleep and just "dream feeding" (or eating while she sleeps). I love watching her, smelling her, kissing her, stroking her soft little blonde head and just admiring her while she sleeps. It's such a special time bonding with my little sweetheart. That is the part of Liam growing up I think I miss the most. Watching him sleep while he nursed before bed, just like she does. A lot of times I wish I could rewind just to those quiet moments while he slept in my arms as a little baby. 
But lucky for me, I have another sweet baby to hold while she sleeps. 
It's my favorite special time.
A sweet nursing picture...
mmm squishy sleeping face. So precious.
(all pics taken with my phone)

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