Sunday, March 18, 2012

(Day 77) Sheering the Libum

As you could see in my post yesterday, it was high time Libum (Liam's nickname... honestly no idea where it came from, but it started about a month before he was born) was sheered. His hair grows SOOOO incredibly fast (like we have hard to cut his hair 4 times this year) and his hair was getting so shaggy that it was curling under at the bottom. He hated getting his hair cut so bad he was screaming and shaking no matter what was playing, how many yummies he had and how long we had to let him play with the cutters, show him they weren't scary etc. So we kind of put it off, as I am sure you can understand. But today he did awesome! He only cried at the end, but I think that was because he was covered in hair and it was getting in his eyes. He looks so cute and old with his new hair cut! I will post pictures of the final product tomorrow! :)
We let him hold our old cutters and I think it made him realize it was dangerous
look at the difference in the hair!
a little pile that was on the floor. There was SO much more on his body and the seat! 

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  1. McKenna! I was totally expecting a pic of the finished product! I remember cutting my little boys' hair. John used to try to turn around to look at the clippers and once I accidentally nicked his little ear. After that, for the next six months he would shake when he was getting a haircut ~ I felt SO BAD!


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