Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 things on the 31st

one: Where did March go?! 
second: Wish the clouds would go away and it would be sunny and/or warm
third: So excited that Richard's horrible semester ends on Friday
fourth: Cannot wait for our 11 day spring break during which we are going to SUPER DUPER deep clean and play hard.
fifth: Cannot believe my brother is coming home from his 2-year mission to Brazil on Wednesday. Hey the past 2 years, where did you go?? I am so sad I won't be there for his homecoming, I die a little inside every time I think about not being there.
sixth: The kids slept in the same room for the first time last night and it went dramatically better than I thought it would! They loved it and slept really well. Who knew my kids are really deep sleepers? 
seventh: In shock that our last semester at BYU-Idaho starts in a couple weeks
eighth: 113 days until we move here (which I am so excited about...)
ninth: We no longer have toothless smiles at our house...tooth #2 for Brielle poked through yesterday. Realizing we have no more toothless smiles has made me unusually sad.
tenth: Teething sucks.
Eleven: I have decided to ditch putting what day of the year it is in my blog post titles
twelve:  Yes, I have totally slacked on my blogging. It's been crazy busy. And yes, that is a constant.
thirteen: We have gotten into this awesome routine that I am loving. It's more busy and leave me with less free time, but I am loving it. More on that later.
Fourteen: Brielle is a piggie. She loves her food but can't sit still long enough to drink her milk (nursing or in a bottle). Mommy friends: how can I get her to drink her milk?? She wrestles with me to get down and play whenever I try to give it to her. Liam was like this, but not as active as her, and I had to wean him at 7 1/2 months because he just wouldn't nurse. But in Liams case, he still drank milk from a bottle.
Fifteen: Brielle has this fascination with slapping and grabbing faces. While doing her excited, high-pitch squeal. 
Sixteen: Liam is dying to play outside more, but can't because it's so cold. The other day he stood at the sliding glass door and begged the wind to stop while crying so he could go outside. Broke my heart. Poor guy hates being cooped up inside. His dream would be to play outside with his friends 24/7. Can't wait to grant him his dream soon when we move...
Seventeen: Our kids are in the dang cutest stages right now. Liam's language is booming (he has always been an amazing having a 40 word active vocabulary at 15 months) and he is starting to say the funniest things. Brielle is almost crawling and constantly moving, grabbing for things, jabbering/squealing and smiling. All at the same time.
Eighteen: All of our friends having babies aren't being the best birth control...
Nineteen:  I have become hooked to the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are" and love watching it while I fold clothes or nurse Brielle. It makes me want to hire a professional genealogist to get past the wall on my Dad's side and also to visit the places my ancestors are from.
Twenty: Still laughing about the fact I completely filled my 8 gig camera card in a little over a month...
Twenty-one: I love that my sister and her husband live in the same town and come over all the time! Liam adores them and I love that they have a relationship with my kids.
Twenty-two: I have been thinking a lot about the following quote... "Be one who nurtures and builds. Be one who has an understand and forgiving heart, who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them". --Marvin J. Ashton. These kind of people are my favorite, and I want so bad to be that kind of person. 
Twenty-three: I love having my kids so close together. It's crazy busy, I hardly ever (if ever) have time for myself, it's hard, but so worth it. Watching them love each other so much and already having a deep relationship makes it worth it.
Twenty-four: I should probably take a shower...
Twenty-five: I am so excited that Richard's days of being gone until 11:30 at night like he has been doing every night for the past 2 weeks, are almost over!!
Twenty-six:  I turned 26 on Monday and I can't believe I am so old! Even though I feel 20 still, have been married for 6 1/2 years, have 2 kids, graduated with my bachelors degree, have a husband that is starting medical school in 3 months, I still can't believe I am 26. 
Twenty-seven:  I love feeling like I have my body back. I have been at my pre-pregnancy weight of 120 pounds for a couple months (I don't have a scale and so I am not sure exactly when that happened) and it's nice to be able to wear all my normal clothes. I feel like I have my old high school body back, with the new addition of a few stretch marks from my 2 babies ;)
Twenty-eight: Does anyone read my blog anymore?
Twenty-nine: I love my life so much
Thirty: I love being a member of the restored gospel and that we can listen to prophets and apostles that God has called himself, and hear inspired and beautiful words that Christ would have us hear. The first session of conference this morning was beautiful. (Learn more about General Conference and be able to listen to it here)
Thirty-one: Time to play with my beautiful girl before I put her down for another nap AND turn on General Conference...
...see?! No more toothless smiles!!!!!!
yes it's a lazy Saturday morning and she is still in her PJs that are stained with the carrots she ate earlier. And no bow. But she rocks it.


  1. I read your blog!!! And love it!!! You are an awesome mom!!! Do you have my blog address? It's :)

  2. I read your blog too! You and Richard are just such amazing examples of amazing people! I have always thought that and I love reading your blog so I can still be inspired by you!!... and your kids are stinkin' adorable!


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