Wednesday, March 14, 2012

(Day 73) Lollipops and laughs

Today as Liam and I were walking up our stairs coming home from playing outside, he looked up at me all suddenly and asked for "BIG SUCKER!!" 
It took me a little while to figure out what he was talking about.
We bought him a big lollipop for his birthday over a month ago, and for some reason, he remembered right then he hadn't eaten it. So we busted it open and he had a couple bites/licks. He loved it.

And just to prove that I don't just feed my kid sweets for every snack, I snapped a pic of him eating some carrots. I promise I am not a negligent mother who feeds her kids candy all day ;)
Watching the a TV show that he earned for cleaning up his toys
But my favorite, all-time favorite, pictures from today (or maybe ever) are these of Liam that I took while I was tickling his tummy:

Today as I was talking to him, I realized how crazy it was that I was actually talking to him. Like we were having a conversation, he was responding and we were talking back and forth. It was so surreal and crazy that my 2-year-old is old enough, to have a conversation with me. My baby. He is talking SO WELL. He always has talked well (like 40 words by 15 months), but its booming now and he only has to hear a word once and it's apart of his vocabulary.

Also, today we went to get ice cream as a family after dinner, and it was so much fun! Liam was so excited and kept screaming "ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM" until we got there. And then as we were eating our ice cream, sitting around a little kid table with spoons eating out of the same carton, Liam started dancing like a crazy kid to the music. So we joined in. It was one of those smiles-that-makes-your-cheeks-hurt moments where your heart is so full it feels like it will explode. Watching how happy and excited he was to be eating "ICE CREAM" with his parents, was so wonderful.

He is my buddy.
Best buddy forever.

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