Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cook time: 67 days

I can't believe that the end is getting closer and closer! I said it before with Liam and Brielle but holy cow I am reeling with how fast this pregnancy has gone! I am more than 2/3rds done and I have only 67 days left and that seems crazy!! Easily less too!! The cooking time of this bun will be done in no time
(p.s. sorry about the corny title...couldn't come up with something else that wasn't super boring)
Things have been going so good! With Brielle by this point in my pregnancy my hips and lower back hurt SO bad I was almost incapacitated. I went to the doc pretty much in tears around 33 weeks and he told me that the only thing that would have helped was having muscle to keep my hips in, so since I didn't have that (because I hadn't exercised all pregnancy) the only thing he could do was prescribe me a very strong pain killer (which I didn't take). That was horrible. Anyways, so this time my #1 goal was to exercise to strengthen my hips in hope that wouldn't happen again. I started exercising everyday starting at 21 weeks (was too sick up until 14 weeks and then we didn't have exercise stuff until 21 weeks) and it has been AWESOME! I am hooked. I do elliptical for like 40 mins and 10-15 mins of yoga specifically designed to strengthen hips during pregnancy. The difference is INCREDIBLE! I haven't exercised the last week because I was on the verge of getting sick and my hips have been hurting. But as soon as I exercise, the pain is basically gone. Its amazing. I mean I have to be careful not to sit or stand too long, and sometimes it does hurt, but nothing like my last pregnancy. Plus I feel so much better after exercising and my endurance is so much higher. I am doing this every pregnancy from now on ;)
Anyways, my doc appointments have been perfect and event-less. My weight gain has been on track for me to gain 5 pounds less than my other pregnancies, my blood pressure is super low like normal (the nurse comments on how super low it is everytime), baby girls heartbeat has been perfect, my blood sugar is really low again etc. Baby girl is SUPER active, and I would say my most active baby yet (yikes...) almost constantly jumping and moving! Good thing I love love love feeling babies move! She keeps me up at night she moves so much and is the most active around 9-10 at night. My heartburn has been worse but luckily tums makes it go away.
Liam is SOOOO excited for her to be born. He rubs my belly and tells her how much he loves her, introduces me and the baby to strangers and talks all the time about how she is his best friend. Its so incredibly cute. I need to write things down he says about her! Of course Brielle is so young she is totally clueless ;)
Here are some pics we took today including Liam wanting to be in the pictures (so we took some real "mommy and Liam" pictures) and 2 belly pics because I couldn't decide between jacket on or off ;)

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