Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

So the date is set.
As I sat on the doctors table at 39 weeks, doctor said she didn't want me going past my due date because of Liams size (9 1/2 pounds on his due date) AND because I went so fast with Brielle (I went from 5cm to totally complete/crowning in 30 minutes and the hospital is a good 45 minutes away). Not that I expect either to happen again, but you just never know. Better to be prepared. Anyways, she left to call the hospital to pick a date for the week before my due date. "Wow, THE date" was all I could think of. In the hallway I heard her voice:
"O gosh. The only day they have available is Wednesday. I feel bad doing that to her"
At first I thought ummmm, what are you going to do to me?!?! And then I glanced at the calender on the wall. Wednesday the 27th. 2 days early. O that is my birthday. ::giggle:: that is ironic. As she explained the only day I could could come in that week for a scheduled induction was that day, all I could do was smile. The plan is for me to come in in the morning, the doc will break my water and we will sit back and watch. Considering the fact that with my babies once my water breaks labor goes fast, she thinks that is all it will take. 
Anyways, it's pretty odd to have the date set.
Especially considering what the date is.

So as is my personality, planning instantly started and things started rolling. 
We decided to celebrate Easter today and my birthday yesterday. 
And both were fantastic.
My birthday consisted of my favorite breakfast (crepes covered in whipped cream, nutella and fresh strawberries with a side of bacon), a long nap, playing with the family at the park (it was a GORGEOUS day), shopping for my presents, eating Chinese food for dinner, pie for dessert (not a fan of cake) and watching a movie (all the while having painful contractions of course). Easter was equally fun with a wonderful day at church, epic Easter egg hunt, a big ham dinner and chocolate.
In their easter best ready for church
and the easter egg hunt begun
Liam totally got it filling his bucket with pretty much all the eggs.
Brielle found (maybe) 3 and just sat down to open them all
all the loot...and a boot.
My birthday flowers
Final preparations can now be made.
(less than) 3 days left.
And it's at this point that Jack Johnson's lyrics start running through my head
"Now I was sitting, waiting, wishing"
But in my cause it will be "Now I was walking, cleaning, wishing"
At least the waiting and wishing for her to be in my arms, 
has an expiration date.

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  1. Ah! So exciting! And so soon, too (but I'm sure it doesn't feel like that :)) Your kids are adorable, and I can't believe how great you look in that photo! By like 37 weeks, I've usually completely let myself go ;)


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