Sunday, March 3, 2013

91% complete

So as is the territory with pregnancy (especially as you start your 9th month of pregnancy), I am asked at every turn: "how are you feeling??" just a note, I really don't mind being asked! So don't think I am complaining about that :)
Well let me tell you. I am feeling like I have a baby trying to break out of her cage which is my BODY. O wait, that is exactly what is happening! I love pregnancy, don't get me wrong. I always have loved it. Which is why I have done it 3 times in the past 3 years. BUT. It is in these final weeks that I am ready for this part of raising a baby to be finished. Why??
(and this is the moment we allow an exasperated 9 month pregnant woman a few seconds to complain. I still love it and appreciate it. But I have earned my right to have a small pity party!)
My entire body hurts in ways I can't relay to anyone (acid reflux, hips breaking apart, back hurts from all the stress of carrying my huge belly, legs hurt from a huge varicose vein and other "wonderful" things I won't go into detail about)
My energy is non-existent
Her kicks hurt really bad sometimes 
I have random (and sometimes not random) contractions that actually kind of hurt this time
I can't cuddle my babies on my lap because I don't have one anymore
I can't get full but at the same time, I always feel full
I can't keep up with my kids like I want to because I am afraid 1.a baby will fall out of me 2. my body will split in two 
I don't sleep well in between having to pee all the time, random contractions, acid reflux, her running her feet a long my ribs etc.
I hardly have anything left to wear because even the huge maternity shirts don't completely cover my huge bowling ball/torpedo/watermelon belly
My patience is smaller because I am in constant, excruciating pain
The only position that doesn't cause grit-your-teeth pain is laying on my side, but sometimes that doesn't cut it, but it's not like I can stay in that position for more than 2 minutes with my 2 active kids.
35 weeks with Liam (left) and baby #3 (right)

Making a human is truly wonderful. I love it. But it is definitively a lot of work, especially in these last few weeks. We sure do sacrifice a lot to bring our kids into the world, that is for sure. 

I had my 36 weeks appointment and all looked great. My blood pressure was low, weight gain was just as it is with my other 2 pregnancies, her heartbeat sounds perfect, I am measuring good (a week ahead actually), she is low (but not engaged yet), head down (yay!) and I am starting to slowly show signs of progression with my cervix (I won't go into too much detail for the weak stomached haha). 

36 weeks with Brielle (left) and baby #3 (right)

This weekend I finished washing the newborn clothes and 0-3 month clothes as well (cause my kids come out too big for newborn clothes...). The newborn clothes (just in case she is smaller) are put away and in our closet, clean and cute. 
To do list:
Finish washing the blankets and assorted baby needs
Put her (cute little) bed together
Pack the hospital bag
Get assorted baby needs
Fix my roots and get some more blonde highlights in
Get a manicure/pedicure
Get "big sibling" gifts for the kids for when they come to the hospital to visit
Put the car-seat in the car

I had 2 dreams recently I had a baby.
In one my labor went really fast and I had her in a classroom and she was born as big and alert as a 6 month old (yikes). In another, my water broke and I spent a whole day running errands before I realized I should head to the hospital. But after both, I woke up so anxious for the experience of another labor and delivery experience. Call me crazy, but I also love love love that part of pregnancy/raising kids. I am not sadistic. 
But the first moment I see my baby for the first time is the most wonderful, all-consuming favorite moment of my life and I am so excited to experience that again. 
I cannot wait. 

Ok, time to limp to my bed so hubby can give me a massage...ouch...


  1. You are beautiful! Good luck to you!!

  2. Hi McKenna! Thanks for stopping by our blog! Lindsey is great, isn't she? I love her.

    So... this is so exciting!!! I know the last few weeks are like death, but you are so close! And you look amazing. At this point in my pregnancies I have usually completely let myself go ;)

    Good luck! I hope baby comes soon (but not too soon :)

  3. Your hair looks a lot longer with baby #3.


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