Monday, March 11, 2013

"Name them 1 by 1"

I have so many posts running through my head, willing to be written. But yet everyday that I finally have time to write, I am too tired to stay awake, let alone construct a sentence that remotely makes sense. It must be the human I am making. But I just don't want some of the little things to pass for too long, or else they will be forgotten. That is the point of this blog: recording all the little things my kids do through their childhood so I never forget.
So bear with me, and because I am too tired to do much else, I am going to stick with lists. That's doable. (is that even a real word??) 
This morning I woke up with a smile. And my heart fluttered with gratitude.
Not 5 minutes into my day and already I felt overwhelmed.
But not with stress, with joy.
As my little man snuggled up to me in my bed after waking up and proceeded to kiss my face while I dozed,
the list started flowing.

My 2.9 beautiful kids
1 healthy, sweet, loving, intense little boy
1 healthy, funny, independent, sweet, girly little girl
The healthy, growing and active little girl bumping around my belly
The man to my left who is my world.
My best friend, the one I look up to more than anyone, the love of my life.
Our bright, exciting future
Wonderful, supportive family members
A sure knowledge of Christ and his gospel
All of the monetary blessings we have had in our lives
This wonderful time of calm
That I am almost done, and soon the empty bassinet by our bed will hold a cuddly newborn (SQUEAL!)
O and our bed is so comfy and soothes my achy pregnant body so well
My kids are starting to really interact, play and love each other. 
Our clean, organized room (which lasted all of 30 minutes that morning)
This time of year is so beautiful, all the green life appearing and birds singing
So I laid in bed,
for the first few minutes of the day 
As the list grew, and I realized, truly how blessed my life is
how truly the Lord's hand is in my life
and how I have so much to be grateful for
Not just the big, but the small as well
I couldn't help but smile and offer a prayer of gratitude.

Because no matter what,
Even if it might not seem that way,
and the things on our list are small or the list itself is small,
there is (truly) always something to be thankful for.

So with that in mind, take a minute
be still
and start counting.

Ultimate puddle jumping. I think this was the highlight of her 18 month life.
She was squealing with joy the entire time!
Liam kissing baby girl...he already loves her SO MUCH!

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