Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolutions, you have been replaced.

With the beginning of the year, I couldn't help but think of my resolutions. What do I want to accomplish this year? What do I want to do differently? Who do I want to be this year? I instantly knew some things I wanted to do better with in general, but when I thought of this year specifically, I became overwhelmed. Every time I think about this upcoming year that tends to happen. Anxious. Unknown. Scared. Excited.
Why you ask?
Come March I will have 3 kids 3 years and younger.
Come June we with be moving to a whole new city.
Come August I will be a medical school induced single mom.
A lot of changes, wonderful changes, but things I cannot truly prepare for, because I have no idea what to expect.
That became my dilemma: how do I make resolutions when I have never experienced the things that are coming and don't know what to expect? Especailly when most of them are INFAMOUSLY difficult. I am a big-time planner and my conundrum really stressed me out.
The other day, I was on the elliptical exercising and decided to read elder Marcus B. Nash's talk in the October 2012 conference called "By Faith All Things Are Fulfilled". I read one line that stood out to me and stopped me in my place: "with God’s help, nothing is impossible." And it's beautiful simplicity hit me. By relying on Heavenly Father and doing those things that allow me to be lead by him, ALL things are possible. Including surviving a medical school going hubby with 3 very young kids. 
So that became my motto for 2013: With God's help, NOTHING is impossible.
And with that as my motto, resolutions followed. Like: read my Scriptures for at least 15 mins a day, pray fervently everyday, be more patient, be a wife that my husband enjoys being around, exercise everyday, keep a journal etc.
So while, honestly, the thought of what will happen this year is simultaneously exciting AND terrifying, I feel prepared. I feel armed. I know that by relying on Heavenly Fathers help, I will survive and even flourish. 
So 2013, bring it on. I am prepared.

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