Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For the beauty of the earth

Yesterday we started the new year out right and visited my FAVORITE place on earth as a family (except brielle who going down for a nap as we left and Richard who stayed with her and worked). It is the most serene, beautiful, huge, clear lake about an hour away that I could spend everyday at and it would still take my breath away from its beauty. I would love to own a lakefront cabin there someday. Liam also loved it and kept saying "its amazing here!" And "so beautiful!". He is definitely my boy.
I meant to bring my nice Nikon DSLR and forgot it last minute, so all I have are my less than decent phone pictures. They don't even begin to do that place justice.
The pacific Northwest really is the prettiest place on earth.


  1. Love that you caught the snow line on the trees. I miss that place terribly!

  2. Replies
    1. Lake crescent! Next time you come to WA you have to go visit it! Its GORGEOUS!


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