Saturday, September 1, 2012

What comes with change.

Moving with 2 very young littles is not for the weak-hearted.
Especially if it means a new house and a new town, new church and new friends.
And even more so if the house you moved from was the only one your kids have lived in.
Not so fun.

Anyways, our schedule and norms of life have been completely changed and messed up.
Sleeping schedules, arrangements, eating etc. 
Not all of them have been bad though. Liam has become an excellent eater since we moved.
But one of the biggest things that has changed is that since moving, Liam has refused to take naps.
Even though he is super tired, he absolutely won't step into his room or lay on his bed until bedtime, 
no matter what I do.
One of the best things about this change though, is that he is (usually) in bed by 7pm and sleeps until about 8am, so I am not complaining.
But the poor guy is so worn out by around 2 or 3, that if we go in the car for errands there is a strong chance he will zonk out.
He has probably done that like 2 times before our move. He NEVER slept in the car in his first 2 1/2 years of life.
I tied his head down with a tie because no matter what I did, it would flop forward in
the most uncomfortable way ever.
note: I did fix his head as soon as I possibly could.
There are so many other times I should have taken a picture of other funny Liam-sleeping-in-the-car moments.
But, I have to say that looking in the rear-view mirror and watching him in the process of falling asleep is one of the cutest things ever.

So as the change occurs, a disturbance is usually present.
And usually good.
It hasn't been the easiest thing adjusting to no naps for Liam, but I have loved the extra time with him.
heres to hoping that as things settle down more and he gets more used to our new life, naps will return...

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