Monday, September 24, 2012

The fruit of our labors

I decided to take a break from a marathon laundry afternoon (have I mentioned I LOVE having a washer and dryer 2 steps from our rooms?!)  while Brielle is napping and Liam is having quiet time, and post a fun evening we had last week, cause I don't want to forget it.

Last week Richard came home from work a little early so that we could go down the street and pick the huge, ripe blackberries from the bushes that grow like weeds all over our hometown. Seriously, they are everywhere. This time of year you can pretty much stop anywhere and pick delicious blackberries! 

the kids lost interest in picking after awhile and played in the rocks.
Liam is in mid-throw in this picture. See the rock?
She looked like the cutest zombie baby ever :)
They were perfectly ripe blackberries.
Brielle and Liam would eat some berries, go play and 10 seconds later come back for more.
They love berry picking and boy, do they live in the right city!!

We picked so many yummy berries that I made my first pie of the fall season!
Even with a pie, we had to freeze about 3 more cups of berries!

I combined about 3 pie recipes and tried a new pie crust recipe,
and boy was it a huge success! 
It wasn't runny at all, and it wasn't too sweet or too tart.
 I need to make it again so I can record the exact recipe, cause we were fans.

Beautiful changing leaves,
yummy ripe berries everywhere,
weather that is starting to get cold,
apple trees full of apples...
I love fall in the Pacific Northwest!!! of course, I got only 1/4 through this post and Brielle woke up and Liam was done with quiet time. This post comes to mind...

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  1. Sure miss WA blackberries & fall! Glad you guys had some fun family time!


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