Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Just play"

A couple weeks ago, I went with Richard and the kids to tour the medical school that he wants to attend. Richard had been before, and coupled with the fact that the head admissions counselor over the school that Richard has become close with wanted to meet the family and that Richard wanted me to see the school, convinced me us to make the trip. I will say it was worth it, even though the trip down was the sickest I have ever been in this pregnancy...let's just say that I didn't keep anything down until dinner. Anyways, it was a great tour, the kids were great and I love the school!
While we were there, he introduced us to a second year medical school student who was LDS, had 3 kids and has been successful. We picked his brain on his schedule, how they are making it (the first 2 years of medical school are supposedly horrendously busy) and finally, what advice he had. His biggest piece of advice was this: "you have a year before school starts, don't worry about pre-emptively studying or studying past things you learned (which is exactly what Richard was planning on doing), just play." He explained that the first 2 years of medical school we will hardly see him, so we need to just spend this whole year building up a "reserve" and just relax before the storm.
Since then, we have taken his advice whole heartedly.
Every second we have that Richard isn't working or we aren't doing something necessary, 
we just play.
And let me tell you, I AM IN HEAVEN.
It has been a crazy past 3 years, so we have deserved this.
Busy playing legos
I LOVE this picture of Brielle :)
 Liams favorite pastime: swinging!

So like I said, we have whole heartedly taken the advice
and we are either at the park, berry picking, at the beach, feeding the ducks, playing legos/blocks etc or doing something fun,
whenever we can.
This has become our new life motto.

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