Monday, July 23, 2012

The last time.

I am sitting on an air mattress in a very very (well completely) empty apartment.
Tomorrow morning we leave the place we have called home for the last 4 years. 
The place I walked into so long ago, excited about all the memories we would fill it with. The place that we brought both our kids home to, had so many wonderful memories in, some hard moments, and learning experiences. 

But the past couple days I have experienced a lot of "lasts" ...
The last time walking through my house that I know like the back of my hand.
The last time being able to see into our friends houses.
The last time walking through the complex remembering so many many fun times we had.
The last time being the oldest (as in longest living in the same place) member of the ward.
The last time having to worry about my splitting, bleeding (no joke) excema because of the dryness.
The last time cleaning dust off of everything.
The last time carrying all my laundry across the complex and up 2 flights of stairs to spend a fortune do laundry.
The last time shopping at my favorite grocery store, that I know like the back of my hand.
The last time Liam can get smarties at the cashier at said grocery store (I forsee many sad days when Liam realizes that doesn't happen at every store)
The last time on the marry-go-round in town.
The last time at the splash park.
The last time feeding the ducks.
The last time getting together with my 2 siblings and their spouses who my kids ABSOLUTELY adores and can't get enough of.
The last time driving down our road that I know so well.
The last time looking out our window to see if anyone was doing anything fun and joining in.
The last time going to our favorite dessert place.
The last time laughing at all the funny single college people.
The last time being a school induced single mommy (at least for a year).
The last time going to our beloved family doctor that Liam LOVES.
The last time doing girl nights with my girly friends.
The last time being crammed into our apartment we are quickly growing out of.
The last time cooking in the kitchen I have come to love where everything is in my grasp.
The last time dousing the kids with water before they go bed because it's too dang hot for them to sleep.
The last time going to our wonderful ward.
The last time seeing a beautiful temple on the hill while I am running errands every day.
The last time being able to talk about your visiting teachers, going to the temple etc. with a total stranger at the store and having them know what you are talking about.
The last time walking through your house remembering little things that happened in certain places like in the kitchen when Brielle took her first steps, in the living room when we first laid Liam down in his carseat and realizing our lives would never be the same...
The last time having to remind Liam to not run too loud so our poor neighbors aren't bothered.
The last time enjoying awesome summer thunderstorms.
The last time going to movies at the cheap theater.
The last time driving past the school remembering my years slaving on campus finishing my degree.
The last time going to the Relief Society cooking group.
The last time (for now) hugging and laughing with friends who have become like family.
The last time chasing Liam all around our complex while he finds bugs and rides bikes.
The last time having to bribe him to walk up the stairs by himself when I have things in my hands.
The last time always hearing kids playing in our "back yard".
The last time hearing corny country western music blasted at the fairgrounds across the street.
The last time seeing a total cowboy complete with white stetson, cowboy boots, spurs etc. and have it not faze me at all.
The last time not having any "real" bodies of water around.
The last time (for now at least) living in a landlocked state.
The last time going to the store or anywhere and recognizing someone that is your friend you knew from a class or a ward.
The last time being one of many many moms in the store with little kids.
The last time we could call up my siblings and significant others and have a big yummy dinner together.
The last time (for the next year) of feeling guilty for asking Richard to help because I know he should be studying.
The last time being able to walk outside so Liam can see the horses out in the fairgrounds.
The last time following him around while he played in our apartment complex when he should be in bed.
The last time spending hours with him exploring the small world outside our apartment with no shoes on.
The last time he "borrowed" the neighbor kids bikes he loves so much.
The last time we were able to walk a couple feet and be in the house of a dear friend.
The last time living in the same town as my married sister (o so sad) who is also my best friend.
The last time Liam had playdates and spent time with his dear little friends.
The last time I spent an hour after bedtime cleaning my little apartment.
The last time going to our favorite restaurant.
The last time being able to go listen to amazing speakers at devotionals on campus.
The last time going to our favorite store where I am sure the checkers know me by name.
The last time being around all LDS people.
The last time living in Rexburg.
The last time living (for now) in Idaho.
Here is documentation of some of our "lasts"
Her first moments on the marry-go-round
Sensory overload...
Splash park + marry-go-round + daddy on the horse next to him (that is who he is smiling at)= LITTLE BOY HEAVEN
One of his best friends :)
 Playing while we waited for our food at our favorite restaurant

This is the last night in the apartment we have lived for 4 years and the city we have lived for 5. 
While I have waited for this day for awhile, I feel an emotion I didn't except.
Sadness of leaving behind the many people we have come to love here. Sadness that we are closing this chapter that we have come to love so much. There are so many many many fond memories in this little southeastern Idaho town for us. We grew up here. We moved here after less than 1 1/2 years of marriage, no kids and still kids ourselves. We had no idea what the future would hold. But we were so excited to be on our own, starting a new chapter.
Now 5 years later. Married for almost 7 years, 2 kids, 2 official Bachelor degrees (and 1 unofficial haha), medical school in the near future and we have grown so much. Had so many wonderful, a few sad, a couple soul-stretching, tons of fun filled moments.

Tomorrow as soon as the kids wake up we are going to throw them in the car and say good-bye to our home.  
And on to a new, exciting adventure. 

p.s. sorry my formatting/font is weird...can't figure out how to fix it 

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  1. : ( For those of us left behind. We are the new Old people in the ward. So : D for you. I think your apartment like the Flamms or Walkersa will always seem like that it belongs to you at least in my memories.


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