Tuesday, July 3, 2012

After 6pm sydrome

After 6pm, our house becomes a place of craziness.
It's a mad dash for an hour or so until the kids go to bed.
It's like they know what is about to happen, so they use all their leftover energy at maximum strength.
And it usually goes something like this...

aka: demolish the bathroom
I couldn't get any good pictures of Liam because he is constantly moving AND splashing which isn't a good combo when a super expensive nice camera that isn't waterproof...

Running around playing 
aka: try not to get caught by mom who is trying to dress us
getting ready to shoot dad
Got him. Gosh I love that smile.

Chilling on mom and dad's bed to play "cars"
aka: be so cute they can't possibly put us to bed and end the playtime
Or chew on airplanes, if your name is Brielle

"Ba-Ba" time
aka: finally cuddle with them, so they also can't resist putting us to sleep
both babes drink their milk before bed while cuddling with one of the parentals. My fav time of day.

The end.
And just like that, the chaos is complete.
And both kiddos are sound asleep in their beds while we recover from the "after 6pm" syndrome.
Because it definitely requires some rehab.

1 comment:

  1. Hardest, yet sweetest time of the day for sure. Love that you all have play time on the bed before bed.


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