Thursday, August 2, 2012

The journey to our new life

Last week, we crammed packed our car, locked the door to our apartment/home for 4 years, and said good-bye to our life as a student at BYU-Idaho, resident of Rexburg, member of the BYU-I 2nd ward and resident of Madison Park.
Right before we left! Kids decided they wanted to drive ;) JK...

 And we went from here:
The last view of our apartment as we drove away...made me sad :(

 To this 3 (long) days later:
driving through Seattle to get to the ferry on the last leg of our long trip
Liam LOVED the ferry so much! Water + a huge boat was so fun for him!

 And now we are home.
Back to the incredible green, cold summers, surrounded by pristine water and beautiful sunny days of the northwest. 
Always around family where the kids are in heaven.
yes. this is home. so incredibly beautiful.
 Note to self: Brielle LOVED ice cream sandwich's and would scream if she wasn't eating one :)

And in the name of record keeping,
This is always what happens with Liam near water...
His process of nakedness.

First totally clothed next to the water.

 Then finally in the water, still fully clothed.

 Then the pants fall off because they are so wet.

 Then they come off.

 And at last: the shirt comes off. 
The process of nakedness is complete.
My kid loves water so much and he is always in it and if I am not careful, the clothes always come off.
That process always happens when he's next to water. He can't stay out.

It was really stressful busy getting totally settled
(moving 2 kids to a new state is a lot of work)
But we are pretty much finished which is so nice.

So we are here.
Our journey to our new life is finished.
A new chapter has started.


  1. Rhett totally stripped yesterday when we went to Lake Jenny. We had to convince him to keep his underwear on.

  2. I'm SO glad you and your family are closer to me now!!! Can't wait to see you!

  3. Haha such cute kiddos! Gotta say that picture of you in front of your door made me a little teary eyed ;(

  4. Where are you setting up permanent residency in WA? Seattle area or over near your parents in Sequim right?


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