Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I want.

I want to...
Smile as much as possible
Find ways to say yes more and no less
Learn to not stress about the little things
Not let it get to me when my house is not spotless
Read more books
Start baking with Liam (let him help)
Have a photo session with Brielle
Tweeze my eye brows (project "grow-eyebrows-out" was a success so it's time to shape them)
Get a couple new shirts and a pair of pants 
Make banana pumpkin bread again
Take our family picture for our Chrismas card before it gets too cold
Let Liam go play in the leaves
Go pick apples at the school orchard
Get together some fun crafts/activities for Liam to do during the day
Practice piano
Take at least 1 picture a day
Try to take 1 video a day
Keep up on my goal to upkeep the house all week (more on that later)
Find more meat free recipes
Start going to Zumba again
Start journaling our days
Decide on our Halloween costumes
Continue on our goal of a date once a week (more on that later too)
Continue having a dance party every day with Liam
Keep up on all the blog posts I am always writing in my head
Write an update on the kids by the time Brielle is 2 months on Tuesday
Continue to search for and see the extraordinary in the ordinary
....some of the random things running through my head lately

Gosh he loves his sister sooo much
Decorating for Halloween

Sister lounging while Liam decorated for Halloween

beautiful Brielle at 1 month


  1. I love everything you put on your blog! You are very good at expressing yourself through the written word and beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh I need to make a list like this....only I am afraid it would only make me feel worse :-) What a great mom you are!


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