Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 hands free

never happens anymore.

in fact i am writing as we speak (or i guess you read) as i nurse princess and little man is playing next to me. and i am typing with one hand. which explains my recent lack of blogging and current lack of punctuation. o well, that is my fate with 2 kids close together. but i have really wanted to start blogging again, recording our daily (albeit crazy) happenings as the richenna clan. because lets face it, they all say later we will find the humor in this crazy-wonderful, sleep deprived stage of life. i want to remember everything of this wonderful stage of life. the huge milestones, little successes, the stresses and the humor of it all. i dont want to forget anything of this stage of my life when i get older. 

wow that took a lot longer to write than i thought it would...

time to change a diaper. scratch that. sounds like i now have 2 diapers to change.

and yes, i know i am ridiculously behind in my picture upload. maybe i will be ambitious enough to not only be good about posting pictures from here on out, but also post pictures from the last 3 weeks.
who knows.
k really. diaper time.


  1. When I was working from home often I had to write e-mails or build websites while Rhett was nursing (because my boss didn't want me to take breaks from my work to feed him).It is amazing how quickly (if practiced) you can nurse and do other things.

  2. oh McKenna that little Brielle of yours is soo cute!


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