Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry (barf) Christmas

...this is my first post from my phone, so lets see how it goes...
Every Christmas has something memorable about it.
2005: first Christmas married
2006: ...nothing too memorable...
2007: first Christmas away from my family
2008: first Christmas it snowed on Christmas day in WA
2009: first Christmas with an almost baby (I was almost 9 months pregnant with Liam)
2010: first Christmas with just our little family AND the day we found out I was pregnant with Brielle
2012: first Christmas home with my family with the kids AND the day we blessed Brielle (Christmas was on Sunday)!
2013: the year everyone (but Liam and I) in my whole family had a horrendous stomach flu.
...as the Christmas present opening went on, more and more people got sick, diapers were filled every couple of minutes (poor brielle), moaning was heard, barf bowls on laps and the bathrooms occupied. Christmas dinner will consist of rice, bananas and Gatorade instead of ham, funeral potatoes and delicious desserts (which has been rescheduled to the first day everyone is better).
Other than everyone being sick, it was a great Christmas and the kids loved all their presents (we totally scored). And I was thoroughly spoiled by the hubby including a beautiful homemade jewelry box full of jewelry and a new 8 gig camera card (he knows me well).
Every year has to be memorable somehow and this one definitely is, just not in the "big milestone" way I was hoping... at least I get to watch from the sidelines with the assurance I already had this yuckiness and the knowledge that my son was the one who gave it to everyone...
Ho ho ho.
(Here are the few pics I took with my phone. All of Christmas morning I took pics with my big, nice DSLR which I can't upload with my phone so they will do, I guess. Even though there are so many cute pics and videos...waaaa)

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  1. So sad! We all had the stomach flu last year on Christmas and it was horrible. I was so bummed that Christmas was finally on a Sunday and we didn't even get to go. Hope you had a Merry Christmas anyway! Your kids are adorable, as always.


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